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"QMC offers students a unique football experience in FE. Their current football programme embeds FA initiatives within to ensure that all students are able to play on a weekly basis. The typical weekly football programme at QMC ranges from academy training sessions and matches to a student Team 19 league to the Mars Just Play session which allows males and females to ‘drop in’ to play some casual football with their mates. The current football offer at the college exists across male, female and disability football to ensure of a fully inclusive programme."

"QMC’s planned approach has resulted in a football pathway that gives students an opportunity to play at a level that they are comfortable at for as long as they wish while also offering students a chance to progress up the football pathway into community football with carefully selected local club links and small sided provider partnerships all supported by Hampshire FA. This ensures that students are always given the opportunity to further themselves within football."

"The benefits of the football on offer at QMC are that it caters for all, the Just Play sessions allow for students to turn up on their own and regardless of ability or past experience they can join in a game whereas entering a team of friends into the Team 19 offers students a chance to play with a more competitive edge. There are also a wide range of volunteering opportunities to support these programmes which allows students to be involved in football even if they prefer not to play. QMC’s Football Development Committee, FA coaching courses and links to Hampshire FA ensure that students are given maximum exposure to leadership opportunities in football beyond the college environment."

"QMC’s strength is in the opportunities."

Daniel Greenwood (CCFC) 

"I have been working at QMC as a College Sport Maker since January with my main role being to increase student engagement in sport and physical activity.  When I arrived I was delighted to see the fantastic football provision QMC already offers and the diverse range of students involved in playing and organising.  It was clear for me to see why QMC is a Football Focus College."

"I have taken much inspiration from the programme and will be transferring some of the great ideas to other sports and physical activities plans at QMC."

Cherrelle Parnell 


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