The Indicators
The Indicators


• By viewing the indicators as points on the journey you might take time to reflect on what you currently do set against stage 1 indicators before taking time to prepare for the next stage 2 indicators for example.

• They should be interpreted and used with judgement, considering the nature and context of the environment you work within, what your students needs are, what your college and community priorities might be - some elements therefore may be more or less relevant.

• You should view the framework and the indicators as a supportive process rather than a need for compliance. Prioritisation as part of a structured planning and review process over the long-term is encouraged, rather than an attempt to fulfil every single indicator as quickly as possible.

The Indicators

Please click on the links below to open and download the quality indicators for four different areas:

Leadership and Volunteering
Player Development

In addition to quality indicators for the overall department/football programmes

Leadership and Management